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St. Stephen Youth Ministry Podcast

The Sacrament of Confirmation! St. Stephen Youth Ministry Podcast

Today we are going to be discussing the Sacrament of Confirmation and what it is! We are going to be talking about what a Sacrament is, what Holy Oil is, and what it means spiritually when you get Confirmed! Enjoy! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/youthministrypodcast/message
  1. The Sacrament of Confirmation!
  2. How to Find Your Patron Saint
  3. St. Stephen Youth Ministry Episode 1: Dealing with Tough Emotions

School of Humanity Podcast

My dear friends Jason and Rachel Bulman have a podcast through the Diocese of Orlando called The School of Humanity. This podcast sprang up from the young adult community that they formed. I had the privilege of speaking with them along with Thomas LaPointe, Seminarian at St. Meinrads, about Gender, TOB, and Authentic Masculinity and Femininity! I had a blast making it.

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Societal Construct and Gender

Episode 23

On this Episode Jason & Rachel Bulman, Thomas Lapointe and I discuss the disparity between societal expectations of gender and the revealed truth of our identity in Christ.

Mission 24

Episode 24

We continue our talk on Authentic Masculinity and Femininity while going over Ephesians 5 and how the creation story reveals the truth of who we are.

Rules and Responsibilities

Episode 25

In the third part of the series we discuss the responsibilities associated with each gender and how God gives us rules to live a Holy life.

Authentic Femininity- Part 1

Episode 26

In the first part of our discussion on Authentic Femininity we delve into the idea of “receptivity” and how it’s integral to our role as women.

Authentic Femininity- Part 2

Episode 27

What is sensitivity and why is it a particular trait in the human condition. What can sensitivity teach us about ourselves and our call in the world?

Authentic Femininity – Part 3

Episode 28

What can we learn about the Feminine Genius through the trait of generosity? This week we discuss the need to be generous to all of those around us and how that reflects the glory of God.

Authentic Masculinity

Episode 29

What does it mean to be a man in our society? For the final installment of the School of Humanity Series on Masculinity and Femininity we wrap up with a focus on manhood and how to live out that calling in the modern world.

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