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When I began my website I had no marketing/website/social media background whatsoever. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I had a voice and something to say. I have built everything you see here through years of research and work. Every day I continue learning more and more on how to become a more effective speaker and writer for you guys!

I began this journey with a journal and a vision for what I wanted to create.

Everything I write, every video I make, every podcast, every digital resource, every playlist are all created by me in my free time, absolutely free of charge. I work as a full-time youth minister, but the second I have any free time from my Parish Ministry I’m back trying to share and create for you!

I want to give everything I have to everyone who wants to hear or read completely free. However, creating takes a lot of money, between hosting my website, updating technology, and compiling resources I usually spend more than $1000 a year just to make sure that stays up to date- from my own money. Additionally, I work 20+ hours (unpaid) on top of my job to keep this website up to date with content and new features. It’s a lot of work and energy, if you feel called to contribute, even in a small way, it would help me tremendously to continue with my work!

This website and my articles/poetry/prayers are truly my passion project. This helps me stay connected to Christ and to myself.

If you can’t contribute financially at this moment please keep me in your prayers that I may do all things for the Glory of God! Sharing, liking, commenting or linking to my page also helps me get my writing out there to the world!

I am so appreciate of your time and I am grateful for the community I want to build! I couldn’t do it without your support.

Thank you all so much!

Forever in His Heart,

Joanna Jewell


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Maintaining this one-woman-show includes a lot of technology and technical experience. I am always striving to make everything I do better. I have a wide variety of things that I would like to continue with this ministry from upgraded cameras, ring lights, and books for discussion. If you would like to buy something from my Amazon wishlist I would be so appreciative. You would be directly impacting the work that I will be able to do!


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