The Top 100 Things All Twitter/Tumblr Catholic Girls Love

This is a light hearted post inspired by all of my favorite girls on Twitter and Tumblr and, let’s be real, pretty much all of, my own life.

1. St. Therese of Liseux

2. Recieiving roses from St. Therese of Lisieux

3. St. Therese of Liseux Saint medals

4. Crying while reading Story of a Soul

5. Audrey Assad

6. Cold Brew Coffee

7. Bible quotes in fancy script

8. Blessed is She

9. Crying during the Consecration

10. Bringing their prayer journal to Adoration

11. Cute Animals Pictures

12. The Smell of Incense

13. Watching the Sound of Music

14. Homeschooling their kids

15. Owning a 14 passenger van (or dreaming about having one in the future)

16. Mulieris Dignitatem

17. Standing up for the Unborn

18. Book selfies

19. Hoarding rosaries

20. Walls full of crosses

21. A Rosary Hanger by the front door

22. Consecrating themselves to Mary

23. Marian Consecration tattoos

24. Beautiful home altars

25. Wearing a viel to mass

26. Looking up 50’s style dresses

27. Practicing NFP

28. Telling everyone they know about NFP

29. Wearing a Brown Scapular

30. Going to visit Religious Orders (just in case)

31. Modest is hottest!

32. Wearing Cardigans

33. Carrying around a rosary in their purse

34. “Offering It Up” anytime anything is slightly inconvenient

35. Tiny Saints

36. Making their own rosaries at retreats

37. Mystic Monk Coffee

38. Stained Glass Windows

39. Taking picture of any new Church

40. Quoting Corinthians 13

41. Claddagh Rings

42. Praise and Worship

43. Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati

44. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

45. Saint Bracelets

46. Sister Act

47. Catholic Apps on their Phone

48. The Liturgy of the Hours

49. Filet O’Fish during Lent

50. Reading the Diary of St. Mary Faustina

51. Mission Trips

52. Posting pictures from the Mission Trip on Social Media

53. Notre Dame, Steubenville, and Ave Maria University

54. Thinking Father Mike Schmidt is handsome

55. Matt Maher

56. Becoming a nun if they’re not engaged by X years old

57. Keeping a baby name list full of saint names on their phone

58. Being intentional in relationships

59. Having a spiritual director

60. Watching the Passion of The Christ on Good Friday

61. Being obsessed with The Prince of Egypt

62. Lourdes Water

63. Being excited to sponsor someone through RCIA

64. Being Godparents

65. Listening to Priest podcasts

66. Theology of the Body

67. Pope St. John Paul the Great

68. Feeling called to become a Missionary

69. Feeling called to become a Youth Minister

70. Signing up for 3 am Holy Hour on purpose

71. Covecrest

72. Edith Stein

73. Dorothy Day

74. St. Teresa of Avila

75. Joan of Arc

76. Mother Teresa

77. Calculating the last possible moment you can eat before the Eucharist Fast starts

78. Developing crushes on priests, seminarians or monks (and feeling guilty about it)

79. All nuns and religious sisters

80. Getting Hymns stuck in your head

81. Jamming out to Christian Contemporary Music during parties

82. Trying to learn Latin

83. C. S.Lewis

84. Getting their animal blessed on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi

85. The feeling after Confession

86. Having “Advent” Parties instead of Christmas Parties

87. Celebrating their Saint Day and Baptismal Day

88. Going on Pilgrimages

89. Doing the Way of St. James

90. Watching Father Robert Barron’s Videos

91. Listening to Catholic Speakers on Youtube

92. Steubenville Conferences

93. Audrey Hepburn in “The Nun’s Story”

94. Highlighting favorite passages in the Bible

95. Taking Ash selfies on Ash Wednesday

96. Praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3pm

97. Aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts of Nature

98. Having Feminine Genius

99. The Blessed Virgin Mary

And Last but not least,
100. Jesus Christ

What do you guys think? Did I miss anything important? Let me know if this list accurately explains what you love!


#Fun #Top100 #Catholicgirls

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