Treasures to Peasants

Lord God, I pray that you may take my anxious suffering heart and transform it to your glory through the peace of the Holy Spirit.

Let me be a rose among your Thorns that in all things and we praise you perpetually!

You are my just cause and my end.

All praise and glory goes to you – oh Lord!

Forgive me

Forgive me

Forgive me

In insulting you through my careless follies – my flesh is weak though my love is strong!

Forgive me that I may rest in the knowledge of your mercy – I am not worthy and yet I am constantly amazed of your love!

What kind of king deigns to throw his treasures to the lowliest of presents!

Especially this thief of virtue.

I am nothing else in my own powers!

Yet, you transform me into grace through grace.

How sweet the sound that saved a desperate, lonely, wretch like me.

I beg you to take all of my concupiscence – it is a hindrance to your love –

I no longer want to be burdened with it because of my own failure to fight for true virtue.

Let me fight in truth especially in the moments of the greatest desperation.



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