Litany for Direction

Lord, Jesus Christ, use me and use me up entirely for your Glory.

Lord, wreck my life

Lord, Thy Will be done.

Lord, make me yours completely

Lord, make me humble

Lord, make me brave

Lord, make me kind

Lord, make me fearless

Lord, make me holy

Lord, make me a saint

Lord, give me a clear path

Lord, give me an open heart

Lord, give me unbounding joy

Lord, give me courage

Lord, give me grace

Lord, give me audacity in your name

Lord, give me strength throughout each day

Lord, give me eyes to see you

Lord, give me eyes to see beauty

Lord, give me hears to hear you

Lord, give me a tongue unashamed to speak the truth

Lord, give me words to write for you

Lord, this is your life, I offer it to you

Lord, I allow you to work all things in my life

Lord, thank you for gracing me with your life and allowing my life to live up to your will.

May I always live for your glory and love.


What do you need direction for in your life? How has meditating on these truths brought you closer God? Please share if this brought you hope or consolation.


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